Where the money goes

The primary objective of Cycle Ataxia is to raise funds for research for a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia. However, we also aim to benefit people living with Friedreich's Ataxia (as well as other genetic ataxia's). This is done in several ways including the purchasing and awarding of adaptive cycling equipment so that Ataxians can have an improved quality of life by rediscovering the sport of Cycling.

Friedreich's Ataxia Research

The principal objective of Cycle Ataxia

At present there is no cure and no treatment for Friedreichs Ataxia.  However, there are research projects ongoing around the world. These projects give hope to thousands of people effected by the condition. Cycle Ataxia was established with the purpose of raising funds for research, and this remains the main ethos of the event.  Working closely with international research bodies the Cycle Ataxia Trust will fund research projects around the world which are showing promise.

The Cycle Ataxia Equipment Awards

Giving back the ability to enjoy Cycling

Ataxia has a wide variety of symptoms and every individual case is unique, and presents individual challenges. Some patients will develop symptoms that others may avoid.  However, virtually all cases lead to a progressive loss in muscle control and coordination, which gradually leads to the inability to engage in sports and other physical recreations.  However, adaptive cycling equipment such as recumbent tricycles & hand-bikes can give back the ability to enjoy the sport of cycling. 

From time to time, Cycle Ataxia purchases adaptive cycling equipment and awards it to deserving candidates.  To see a person who has been wheelchair reliant for years, get onto a bike and cycle down the street is a beautiful sight and it's something that Cycle Ataxia is delighted to be able to assist with.

The Barry Rice Trust

Barry Rice is the founder of Cycle Ataxia and he established the event in 2013 shortly after being diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, as a way to push ongoing clinical research. Until now, Barry's efforts in setting up the event have been entirely voluntary.  Recently his friends and family set up a trust fund for the care & wellbeig of Barry as his condition progress.